Saturday Office Hours

I provide free “office hours” to give feedback to entrepreneurs about their start-ups and their ideas. (I will also take calls from non-entrepreneurs when pre-cleared). These office hours can be booked for 15 minutes calls via telephone or internet-audio.

You must, however, pass an intelligence test in order to get a call from me. Here it is: you must leave me with your telephone number, in a proper format. You must also answer the call when I call you. 75% of people pass this intelligence test.

You may need to book several weeks into the future to find a free slot (pan forward if everything appears booked).

The time picker shows these times in your local time zone for my office hours. (FWIW, I am generally in the USA/Eastern timezone, 5 hours earlier than Ireland/UK, 3 hours later than USA/Pacific, 12 hours later than China).

Please include a note of the call subject and a telephone number. The phone number is generally the preferred option, but facetime audio or whatsapp will work if calling internationally. You must leave a phone number, because sometimes I’m stuck in an airport somewhere without internet and you will miss the appointment if I can’t call you.

Make sure you select the proper country code. I’m not going to try all of the countries on the planet in the hopes of finding you. :-/ Most people who call me are not calling from any one country. I have no reasonable way of guessing what your country is. P.S. After doing this for 8 years, I can tell you conclusively, for those that think it’s only residents of the USA that don’t know about country codes for phone numbers: Nope, actually, lots of other people from lots of countries are equally daft on this topic.

SOSV invests in hardware, life sciences, disruptive food, and China-and-Asia-related software through our accelerator programs (HAX, IndieBio, FoodX, Chinaccelerator, MOX). We don’t invest directly in later-stage VC deals other than those that we initially invested in through our accelerator programs.

For more information about SOSV, or to apply to our accelerator programs, please see I am not on the selection committee, so contact the SOSV programs directly for consideration.

If you have already raised more than $1-2m and have more than $1m in annual sales, or a staff of more than 6-8 people, it’s possible that an accelerator is not the right approach for you.


  • asking me to invest in your startup.
  • asking me to invest in something else.
  • asking me for charitable donations
  • asking me for referrals when we don't know each other very well already
Contact sean.osullivan-pp (at) if you need to make any special arrangements or ask any special questions from my assistant.
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