Saturday Office Hours

I provide free “office hours” to give feedback to entrepreneurs about their start-ups and their ideas. These office hours can be booked for 15 minutes calls via Skype or telephone.

You must, however, pass an intelligence test in order to get a call from me. Here it is: you must leave me with your telephone number, in a proper format. You must also answer the call when I call you. 75% of people pass this intelligence test.

You may need to book several weeks into the future to find a free slot (pan forward if everything appears booked).

I am generally in the USA/Eastern timezone, 5 hours earlier than Ireland/UK, 3 hours later than USA/Pacific. Use the time picker to find out what your local time is for my office hours.

Please include a note of the call subject and your skype handle (if available) and a telephone number. The phone number is necessary in the case we can’t get in touch via skype. You must leave a phone number, because sometimes I’m stuck in an airport somewhere without internet and you will miss the appointment if I can’t call you.

You MUST also include your telephone number’s country code. Here are some handy ones if you don’t know yours:
United States: +1 (ie., +1.212.555.1212)
Ireland: +353 (ie., +353.87.555.1212)
UK: +44
China: +86

Leave a country code. I’m not going to try all of the countries on the planet in the
hopes of finding you. :-/ Most people who call me are not calling from any one country. I have no reasonable way of guessing what your country is.
P.S. After doing this for 5 years, I can tell you conclusively, for those that think it’s only residents of the USA that don’t know about country codes for phone numbers: Nope, actually, lots of other people from lots of countries are equally daft on this topic.

One Other Thing. I’m experimenting with sharing this format on Youtube. I will be recording this information (at least occasionally), to share excerpts of my advice to callers. I will not disclose any information I consider confidential or personal on these video blogs. However, I get far more requests for help than I can answer, so by publishing some common answers I’m hoping to help more prospective entrepreneurs go further and faster on their journeys. By signing up for this session you agree to participate in this, unless you explicitly request otherwise during our call.

Contact audrey.chen (at) if you need to make any special arrangements or ask any special questions.